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Our Story 

I've been in the catering industry for over 40 years and it was through my Mum that I developed this love with cooking, I would often watch her create wonderful dishes on the farmhouse kitchen table and was amazed at how the simplest of ingredients could make such tasty meals.

And like her, the secret is the ingredients, I select only the freshest seasonal vegetables.  Source local produce that not only tastes great but keeps the carbon impact low, and take a real passion into creating amazing home cooked dishes that we all know and love.

Top that off with some fantastic coffee & a beautiful setting - it's like home from home.

Pietro Wasyliw

Our  Friendly team of staff will be there to greet you with a smile and don't worry we're always up for a natter!

We have a large indoor and Outdoor seating area to cater to all party sizes, or why not come and relax, chat to friends in our lovely outdoor garden space, set in rural grounds where you can listen to nature whilst having a peaceful lunch, snack or why not treat yourself to an afternoon tea.

A warm welcome awaits and your canine friends can join too.

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